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Neck warmer

Neck warmer

Knit with Bouton d'Or "Orion" in the Tabasco colorway. Based on a similar design I saw at Talbot's. Quick and easy.

Materials: I used Bouton d'Or "Orion" at a gauge of 15 st to 4". The finished measurement before putting on the pom-poms was 3 1/2" wide by 19" long. I might have liked it to be a little shorter than that, but definitely not any longer so that it will hug and warm the neck.

CO 26 st and join to work in the round. Place a marker to indicate beginning of round. Work in stockinette stitch in the round until the tube is 18" long (or desired length). Next round ssk, knit 9, k2tog, ssk, knit 9 k2tog. Next round
ssk, knit 7, k2tog, ssk, knit 7, k2tog. Next round ssk, knit 5, k2tog, ssk, knit 5, k2tog. Next round ssk, knit 3, k2tog, ssk, knit 3, k2tog.

Ten stitches remain. Keep stitches live and distribute them equally on two needles so that the first 5 st of the round are on one needle and the last 5 st of the round are on the other needle. Close the end using kitchener stitch. (Alternatively
you could BO all the stitches and seam the end using mattress stitch.) Seam up the CO end using mattress stitch so that the tube lays flat.

Now make two pom-poms. Attach one at the kitchenered end of the neckwarmer. Attach the second pom-pom at the CO end by pulling the two corners together so that a buttonhole
is made that the other pom-pom can push though.