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December 02, 2004



I have 9 balls of cotton fine in a deep green color if you're interested. they were an impulse clearance buy.


der, fine chenille... I can't type or read labels today apparently


I would use jamiesons ( btw: the link doesn't work) because it's not easy to use different yarns in such a pattern, and beeing a beginner, you make it harder for your self. It's a wonderful cardi!


i will help you with color! i love playing with color.
I suggest going to home depot and taking one of each and every paint chip. Then you can play with color to your hearts content. It may seem like a stretch but I bet it teaches you how much you already nkow about color.
Then all you need to do it send off a small chip to your internet yarn dealer or bring the color chips to the yarn store.
It sounds crazy now that I look at it... I have a full set of home depot paint chips though! :)

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