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April 27, 2005



Retro prep looks great! All the stripes are the same width, rigth? Because the dark stripe looks thinner to me but I suspect it's just the dark color that's making it look that way.

Regarding the job, I went through a similar thing a year ago. I was at my previous job for 6.5 years and most of them were not easy. Bad management, blah blah blah. But the thought of trying something new in a tenuous job market scared me into staying so long. I finally left last March and I am SO HAPPY now.

One thing I learned (not sure if it will apply to you) is that it took quite a while before I felt "comfortable" at the new place. It takes time to build up relationships and trust and it probably took a good 6-9 months before I felt like I was really part of the company. During that time I doubted my decision but it really was just a matter of adjusting and now I am truly happy.

OK, long comment but I thought it was worth sharing in case you experience something similar :)


I love the cardigan! I also love that yarn; I used ivy for a couple of things for me this past winter. mm. Lovely!


Retro Prep looks awesome, and those buttons? Perfect! I keep hoping you'll inspire me to knit faster, but so far it's not working. :)


The cardigan looks great! The buttons really are perfect with it.


It looks great! Love the buttons, they're perfect. Those are some great school colors. Better than crayon colors like mine, red and blue.


Wow, it looks great. You steeked it, right? My one and only steeking attempt turned out disasterously in comparison.


Retroprep looks great! Include me in your "why this job isn't working" email. I'm interested in hearing about it.


Fantastic Retro Prep.You look great in it.
Fab !


Good job on Retro-prep! The raglan sleeves look nicely done. It's nice that you get to wear it before summer.


That retro-prep turned out so well! And you look good in horizontal stripes which is really saying something!!


your retro prep looks great! Those colors look great together (and are much more flattering then the colors of my alma mater!) and the buttons are a perfect match.


wow, looks fantastic! i gotta try that pattern.


Hey, I have lots of friends who went to W&M. I grew up in Virginia. I love retro prep. Hope the job search is coming to a close. I have to start thinking about my next move too.

Teresa C

Great Retro-Prep. I have on in progress for my daughter, and it has been in progress for a long time. I'll have to pull it out. The great thing about it is the stockinette stitch, you can take it anywhere and just knit in circles for a long time. I have need for that soon. Thanks for the reminder!


Beautiful job on your "Retro Prep"is gorgeous. It looks great on you.

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