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August 05, 2005



You will love Yosemite. Have a great trip, you'll be glad once you are there!!!


The droolers who read your blog want to hear all about Artfibers. That's where Claudia got her stainless steel yarn. Take lots of Yosemite pictures. Never been.


Have a great time!

Jenny in NC

Welcome to NC! Of course, the barbecue is much better on this end of the state (triangle), but Charlotte is a great place to live, too. You'll have to let me know how the yarn shops are out there, since I need to go there for a conference this fall. Happy unpacking, and have a fun trip out west!

Jenny in NC

Oh, and you might like to know that the Yarns Etc. stores in Greensboro and Carrboro, and Great Yarns in Raleigh are all under the same owner now, which means you can accumulate the frequent buyer card purchases in all 3. Just sayin'.

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  • Dale "Gerbera"
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