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November 08, 2005



Two great FOs! I used 6 skeins on each Charlotte's Web I knit. So worth it!


You look amazing in both your new knits! Awesome job. Someday I'll get around to Charlotte, just have to find the perfect colors. Good stuff :)


Both projects are very pretty! I love the Charlotte pattern. Your color choices are really nice.
Your Rogue came out great too. I have that also on my to do list for one of these days. Nice knitting! :)


Two in one post! Both look great!


I'm hoping to get to Rogue in a cardi version, a la Claudia as well next fall. I dont' see it happening this winter, as there are other things I want to knit, but I do like the cardigan version of Rogue best. Yours turned out very nicely and I love the color you knit it. Charlotte's Web is another great knit too!


Beautiful FOs, Barb! I'm wearing my Charlotte today, actually, but I think my JS Aran Tweed is going to become Chicknits Twist instead of Rogue. Lastly, in my parallel world, I too had a check returned for Zonta wires, but I got some from the Threadbear boys ~


Your Charlotte's Web Shawl is really beautiful! I love the colors you used. And Rogue is very cute, like something you can get a lot of use from.


I was just reading your new post when I realized I somehow never commented on this one! I don't know how with 2 gorgeous FOs!!! Rogue looks wonderful and seeing your cardi makes me think that I should someday make one too (even though it wouldn't be all that different from my pullover). And you picked great Charlotte's Web colors too. Very nice!


Nice job on Rogue! Everyone is always saying how wonderful the pattern is... Yours looks really cozy.


Wow. Both Charlotte and Rogue look fantastic.


Rogue is beautiful as is Charlotte. I love the way the aran tweed looks - perfect for Rogue

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