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November 11, 2005



Wow you really motored through stocking number one! And the tree skirt too. Has the cooler weather kick-started your knitting again? I think it's done the same for me.

ps - I'm a little jealous that you have a cat and can use a knitted tree skirt. My Isabella would never leave it alone -- it'd be a big pawed-at mess in no time.


Anything that regularly eats out of a trash can does not make a good house pet in my mind. I'd be freaking out, you seem to be handling it well.


Raccoons and kitties don't usually mix very well either. The previous owners of our house let squirrels live in the attic because they wanted to make sure they had "somewhere warm to live in the winter." Argh! I hear your pain!


Yuck, I don't think I would care for a raccoon as a pet either. Your tree skirt is looking really nice. I still haven't seen that book yet. I am anxious to see the patterns as it seems to be pretty popular.

On another note... typepad blogs suddenly won't accept my url anymore. It says it is invalid. Wierd!


Wow, that is looking fantastic! I am so scared of raccoons. Good luck!


Yikes! I'd be nailing the cat doors shut! Kitty can use a litter box.


Ugh, raccoons wandering inside your house? If they're coming through the kitty door, maybe you could get one of those electronic ones?

I just googled - here's one of the first hits: http://tinyurl.com/dnje4


Your tree skirt is coming along very nicely - and I'm totally loving the socks! Wow your fast. What yarn are you using for those - the yarn called for in the book or something else. The socks are on my must make list can't you tell :-)

Critters just drive me crazy!


That really stinks. We've had mice (and rats in the cellar), but your story is enough to swear me off of kitty doors forever.
Hope he traps every raccoon who knows about your place....good luck!


If he catches some in 2 weeks, what happens to those that want to come in after that? Is there more to the plan than catching some? I just keep thinking with the kitty doors, that more will come in? Sorry you have to deal with this, definitely not a fun problem.

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